Web Page Clipper for Evernote

Web Page Clipper (for Evernote) offers a consistent user experience on all Android Phones and Tablets. It includes many custom designs for the Android operating system.

Easy to use

Just like clipping web pages in your desktop browser, Web Page Clipper (for Evernote) allows you to save content to your Evernote note nooks.

It is incredibly easy and convenient! All clipped contents are saved in your personal Evernote account and you can access the content at any time.

Please try below features when it works as a Web Page Clipper Add-on:

1.Auto save login session. You only need to login for the first time!
2.Edit titles before clipping.
3.Choose an Evernote notebook before clipping.
4.Edit tag before clipping. You can also easily choose existing tags.
5.Edit and comment before clipping.
6.Supports two ways to clip a web page: clip the URL and clip the whole page.

Try Trial version

Trial version will expire after 14 days, please update to Pro version then.

Take a look at the features:

1.Clipping in Style! Our Clipper grabs all of the page content, in its original format!

2.Easily access your Clipped bookmarks from the Stock Browser. With a swipe from the left you can access a sidebar with a list of all your bookmarks, and after loading a bookmark you can clip it with a single click.

3.Web Page Clipper (for Evernote) shares URLs from all Android applications. It automatically grabs the URL in the system clipboard and cache copies the URL in the sidebar for easy access.