Floating Toucher

Reviewed by xdadevelopers

Floating Toucher is specially designed for Android. It is a button floats on your screen over other apps, and can be moved to anywhere.

Floating Toucher brings chat heads-like experience, but contains most commonly used switches of Android system and all installed apps, you could control your device or open your favor app easily without exiting current app.

Powerful Features Integrated

Floating Toucher supplies many useful features, and will be integrated more. Now, you can make it unique by:

1.Supporting 3 panels, you can switch them by swiping. ( You can use more panels if you want.).
2.Putting all things in the panel: Apps on your device, Actions (such as settings etc.) and Shortcuts (if the app supports).
3.The floating point can be hidden to the status bar if you don't need it. You can also define the hide action in setting menu.
4.What's more? User can set any apps to the 'hide list', then it can be hidden automatically when these apps are launching.

Creative UI Design

Floating Toucher has a pie-like control panel, which can be swiped to three screens. You can DIY all the elements on it, such as apps, actions, shortcuts, panel color/alpha, point style and folder icon.

Pro Features

Using In-APP-Purchase (IAP) to unlock Pro features in this version. Features include:

1.DIY Point.
2.More Panels.
3.Point Auto Hide (Hide List).
4.Create Folder.
5.Panel Color.
6.Custom Point Action.
7.Remove Ads.
8.More features will be supported in future version.